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We create tailor-made holidays that are as individual as the person we're creating it for. We care about the smallest details of every holiday we design, but also about the world we're travelling through. We’re one of the most trusted names in travel, offering clients the highest level of holiday protection
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From airfare and private jets to luxury villa rentals and superyachts, and even off-market hotel suites meant for high-rollers, these luxury concierge services offer the proverbial backstage pass to those who boldly embody the statement that money truly is no object.

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    Elite Travel Concierge by Elvit: Luxury and Elegance in Your Journeys

    In today’s fast-paced world, where time is of the essence, Elvit’s elite travel concierge services are the perfect solution for realizing your dreams of unforgettable journeys. Operating in the most prestigious areas of London such as Knightsbridge, Belgravia, Mayfair, Kensington, Chelsea, and Holland Park, Elvit offers the finest service for those accustomed to luxury and impeccable quality.

    Experienced Concierge Services for Tourists

    Elvit makes every journey unforgettable, offering:

    • Personalized Approach: Our staff meticulously plans every detail of the trip, considering the wishes and preferences of each client.
    • Unique Itineraries: Creating exclusive routes for tourists, including personalized tours and access to private attractions.

    Luxurious Travel Concierge Service

    Elvit provides the following services to turn each client’s journey into a unique and memorable event:

    Charters and VIP Transfers

    • Private Jets and Helicopters: Elvit offers charter services, allowing clients to travel with maximum comfort and confidentiality. It’s an excellent way to travel between continents and countries.
    • Yachts and Motorboats: Elvit offers rental of luxury yachts and motorboats for sea travel enthusiasts. This allows you to enjoy a maritime journey with an incredible level of convenience and exclusivity.
    • Premium Cars: Elvit offers rental of luxury cars with a personal driver for city or country trips. This not only provides convenience but also status.

    Booking the Best Hotels and Restaurants

    • Hotels: Elvit books rooms in the most luxurious and prestigious hotels worldwide. In exclusive hotels, every detail is thought out so that clients can enjoy their stay.
    • Restaurants: Elvit Guest Service also reserves tables in the world’s best restaurants. It’s an opportunity to enjoy unique gastronomic experiences and taste exquisite dishes from renowned chefs around the world.
    • Personalized Approach: Client wishes and preferences are considered in every hotel and restaurant, making each visit truly unforgettable.

    Unique Services

    In addition, Elvit offers numerous exclusive services that make the journey even more enjoyable and unique:

    • Personal Guide and Interpreter: Elvit provides professional guides and interpreters so you can explore new places with maximum comfort.
    • Organizing Trips and Visits: Organizing and planning individual tours, museum visits, exhibitions, theater performances, and other cultural events.
    • Special Events: Host a family party, anniversary celebration, or romantic dinner aboard a yacht or in exclusive locations.

    Elvit Travel Service ensures that each trip is enveloped in luxury, exclusivity, and impeccable service. These services are designed for people who value not only convenience and comfort but also want to have unforgettable and unique experiences from each journey.

    Concierge Services for the Elite

    Elvit offers a wide range of services to help you have an unforgettable journey:

    • Consultation and Trip Preparation: Providing expert advice for the perfect journey.
    • Organizing Special Events: Offering the opportunity to attend exclusive events, exhibitions, and festivals.

    With Elvit, each journey becomes an embodiment of dreams about exclusivity and luxury. Our exceptional travel concierge service ensures that every aspect of your vacation meets the highest standards. Elvit is more than just travel. It’s an immersion in endless possibilities and exquisite comfort that only the elite can offer.